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Twin drum roller RVD60

Excellent compaction of asphalt and paving in granular material.

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Twin drum roller with RVD60 Honda GX200 engine

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Model: RVD 60-01
Product: Twin drum roller RVD60

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Engine type:

Honda GX200


4.1 kW (5.5 hp)

Weight (kg):




Drum width (mm):


Double drum vibrating roller

The double vibrating roller Breaker with manual RVD guide for an excellent compaction of asphalt and paving in granular material.

  • Hydraulic feed control by means of a handle which also acts as a "dead-man" safety device: in case of danger, out of the handle, the vibrating roller stops.
  • Anti-vibration mounts on the central rod for a secure protection for hand-arm vibrations.
  • Throttle lever regulate power on the handle

  • Easy access for checking, cleaning and maintenance of components such as scrapers, water pipes, etc.

  • Easily accessible water tank
  • Sturdy lifting hook

The double drum  vibrating rollers are supplied complete with control system, parking  brake, lifting point, lubrication systemfor both rollers and hour  counters. (see technical data sheet)
Optional: Rudder wheel and rudder for wheel steering cleaning.