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Three-phases drill head FR 600

Three-phases drill head

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Three-phases water cooling drill head FR 600

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Model: CFR600
Product: Three-phases drill head FR 600

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Drill head


three phase electric 400V

Weight (kg):


Voltage :


Bit connection :

1"1/4 UNC


5000 W

Max drill capacity (mm):


Three-phases drill head FR 600

Breaker core drilling motors are available for the use with light colums.

 Versions available with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motor. Designed for maximum productivity and equipped with sturdy gearbox boxes and an electronic system for an efficient protection. Ergonomic design for stable and effective handling

Compact three-phase gearmotor of high power and high efficiency, thanks to the innovative cooling system that uses water to cool the engine. The FR 200 is suitable for small and medium diameter holes, with high depths, when high speed and high torque are required over a long period of time.