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Submersible hydraulic pump PI 2

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Model: HWP 2
Product: Hydraulic pump PI 2

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Submersible pumps

Oil flow (l.p.m.):


Weight (kg):


Working pressure (bar) :


Water capacity:

1050 lt/min

Submersible hydraulic pump

Hydraulic Submersible pumps are designed for the high demands in the construction industry.

Breaker pumps are VORTEX pumps. VORTEX pumps are designed especially for dirty water with even very large solids. The operation is quite simple: the impeller generates a vortex through the centrifugal movement, thus avoiding the contact of the filamentous or solid elements present in the water. They have less wear on the impeller.

All hydraulic pumps can be connected to Breaker hydraulic powerpacks, and, as for all machines with hydraulic motors, it is also possible to connect to power take-offs on operating machines. Always check that the technical data flow and outlet pressure are compatible with those of the pump to be connected otherwise it is necessary to use a flow divider.

Equipped with:

  • couplings