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Bench saw SB250R radiale

Bench saw SB250R radiale

  • bench-saw-sb-250r-radiale-cut-height-130cm-breaker
  • bench-saw-sb-250r-radiale-cut-height-130cm-breaker
  • bench-saw-sb-250r-radiale-cut-height-130cm-breaker
  • bench-saw-sb-250r-radiale-cut-height-130cm-breaker

Bench saw SB250R radiale Max cutting lenght 130cm

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Model: SB 250R-03
Product: Bench saw SB250R radiale

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single phase electric 230V

Diametro massimo disco (mm):


Weight (kg):



1.45 kW (2 hp)

Voltage :


Cut height (mm):


Max cut lenght (mm):



Radial bench saw

Bench saw SB250R radiale

Bridge saw ideal for the construction site for the straight and 45 ° cutting of bricks, stones, stone materials, bricks and granite.

• For normal and jolly cutting of porcelain stoneware, single-fired, marble, granite.

 • Blade cooling by pump. 

• Sliding bar and uprights in aluminum. 

• Easily removable aluminum worktop for easy cleaning of the basin.

 • Painted steel frame.

 • Calibrated ruler in aluminum. 

• Motor unit sliding on 4 polypropylene pulleys each with a double internal bearing.

 • Easily adjusting pulleys: elimination of clearance for cutting precision.

 • Removable or foldable stands. Tiltable motor unit for 0/45° jolly cutting executions

• Accessories available: additional worktop, lateral extension

• Supplied with continuous rim diamond blade for ceramics