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Power trowel KC90 with diesel Lombardini/Kohler 15LD225 engine

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Model: KC 90-09
Product: Power trowel KC90

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Power trowel


3.5 kW (4.8 hp)

Engine type:

Lombardini-Kohler 15LD225

Weight (kg):


Work diameter (mm):


Diametro (mm):


Smooting machine for concrete

Ø900 Series Smoothing Machines - ideal for mopping medium surfaces. The excellent balance of these machines allows you to drive them without great effort at all speeds. The electric man / present safety switch guarantees the operator the protection that in the event of an emergency, leaving the control handle, the motor stops. 
• Several engines only of primary brands
• Emergency shutdown in case of need 
All models have a folding rudder that allows it to be adapted to the height of each operator as well as reducing the overall dimensions during transport or storage. 

This model of power trowel come complete with combinated blades.  
Optional: 2 transport wheels are provided which lock into a sturdy lock on the protection rim and the blades are adjusted using a hydraulic pump