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Hydraulic core drills machine CI 15

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Model: CI15-00
Product: Core drills machine CI 15

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Portable drill

Oil flow (l.p.m.):


Weight (kg):


Drilling diameter :


Working pressure (bar) :


Core drills machine

With the hydraulic handheld core drill, you can work only manually, without fixing it on the stand even with the highest diameters. This leads a reduction in the costs of positioning the machine at the workplace. The performance of the hydraulic motor allows for drilling holes up to ø350 mm on all materials, also with reinforcement. Even the core drill machine, like all the other hydraulic tools, works for a closed oil circuit, so water and dust do not affect the machine that can work even under water. If, during the work, the diamond core bit stops, even the core drill stops automatically supplying power to the tool, in order to protect the operator.